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Chris Renier made a choice over 20 years ago to have a small, boutique architecture firm that focused on only a handful of projects at a time to ensure he could be personally involved in all aspects of the projects he took on. Today, that personal approach remains—and involves a few additional like-minded colleagues who are committed to an architectural process that brings you joy, excitement and daily communication

We’re committed to you. We believe that your dreams, ideas, and needs are personal and confidential. We seek a partnership with you that is based on trust and open communication. We hope that those who told you about us will confirm our integrity. It matters to us—a lot—that you feel you can share openly as we embrace this opportunity together.

C. Renier Architects is located in the historic business district of 125-year-old De Pere, Wisconsin. Our office is located across the street from where Chris’ dad used to run a bakery. We love the energy and revitalization efforts of small towns and are proud to be a part of the efforts underway throughout Brown and Door County, Wisconsin.

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We seek a partnership with you that is based on trust and open communication.

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Meet Chris Renier

Meet Chris Renier

As founder, owner and principal of C. Renier Architects, Chris’ greatest pleasure is to design timeless, functional spaces that his clients cherish and enjoy. Chris is personally involved in each and every project—because no detail is too small, and no question should be left un-asked or un-answered.

C. Renier Architects seeks to bring you joy and excitement throughout a classical architectural process. We build partnerships based on trust and embracing opportunities together. We want to dream with you, to help bring those dreams to life in your environment.

From remodels to newly created spaces for residences, cottages, business, developments and worship, exceptional design is simply what is beautiful to you. Let us help you create it.

“It brings us a great sense of joy and responsibility to bring to realization your dream environment. Our goal is to help you communicate your hopes, ideas, desires and interests in your project’s outcome. Through the conceptual design process we will dream together—crafting options and solutions that fit how you want to work, live and learn in your environment.” —Chris Renier

Beautiful design to us means it is timeless, functional, and expresses who you are. —Chris Renier

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Our Philosophy

We believe that every creative challenge has an exceptional solution and we thrive in helping you make those discoveries. Our design philosophy centers around a humanistic approach—creating new solutions through classical methods. We do not believe we alone have the good ideas—you hold many of the answers within you and it is part of our role to help you bring those to the surface.

Our Beliefs:

  • Every client deserves personal attention
  • No detail is too small
  • No question should be left un-asked or un-answered
  • Privacy and confidentiality is deeply valued and honored
  • Creativity is best when done in partnership
  • There is always an exceptional solution

Our Mission: With character and creativity, C. Renier Architects partners with you to create dream environments.

Our Vision: Personally chosen and perennially referred as the best architectural partner to create residential, office and community design solutions within Brown and Door County, Wisconsin.

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